mercoledì 13 maggio 2015

Songs from the Dust

Acoustic Meets Synth with Mystical Consequences

'Songs From The Dust', is a 12 track, Electronica-Ambient-Techno-Pop Crossover album. This collection is an Extraordinary on several levels. First as a Crossover-Multi Genre Work-it has successfully managed to integrate the Styles seamlessly. It is never clear where one ends and the other begins so that the Emphasis is sole on the Music and not debating what kind of Music it is. The Voice of Acoustic Guitar is executed with Crystal Clarity while Male and Female singer's Vocals merge so completely with the Sound that there is no competition between Melody and Harmony. Other times Synthesizer is used to Great Effect and gives the album Elegance. Track #2 'Theres A Black Hole In My Life', exemplifies the aforementioned characteristics. Piano, Synth, Guitar and Voice literally Become One Sound. Track #3. 'A Little Life', Rocks the Electronica Vibe to greater extent with a Prolonged but Sharply and Precisely played Synth Keyboard Riff that loops and loops until Faint Male vocals intertwines in the Sound with almost Mystic Results. Track #8. 'Dust', also has a Synth Keyboard Intro but where Track #3 is Mystical---A Futuristic or Extra Dimensional Feeling Pervades when the Phantom Vocals Engage. Track #10. 'Through', Acoustic Strings perform with Softness tempered with Steel in this track which shifts gears from Electronica. Listen for the Vocals to Float in a Seas of Echo Effects and Electric Piano Melody. Track #12. 'The Ruins of My Life', defies Genre and is simply a Beautiful Sonic Poem. A well Thought and Executed Volume of Emotional yet Technically Superb songs.


Ils sont rares ces albums où vous avez le sentiment que vous pouvez les écouter en boucle sans vous en lasser. Plus vous l'écoutez, plus vous vous rendez compte de détails. Ce qui est aussi très agréable est l'usage de la voix, certes répétitive, qui est un plus indéniable et qui donne un visage à un style de musique qui en manque trop souvent ! Pochette sublime. Merci pour le partage

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