mercoledì 6 maggio 2015

Stefano Mariani Photographer



In the vision of this artist, behind an apparent simplicity, exists a world full of original ideas. Stefano says that the photopraphy must express the things around us as they are.
He owns a democratic conception of his art, he snaps without any special tricks or spectacular processing. He owns a stricty geometrical spatial vision, his photos are formally perfect. Despite all this, he’s elegant, complex and bizarre.
At first sight, when we see his works we smile, but after the smile becomes a fleer, then a grimace, finally it ends in discomfort.
He’s incorrect, how can he invade our privacy?
To rummage in our trash, to snap us behind the bars of our prisons that we call homes?
By the way, why does he insist showing our city as it is? A cluster of architectural mistakes, full of involuntary ridicolous installations, a bad show for an inadvertent public.
In contrast to other photographers, he doesn’t have the need of immense natural scenery or of terrible human tragedies to feed his artistis speech.
He simply watches close to us humbly, he invites us to stop for a moment and think about what we really are. 
Cometa (Angelo Secondini) for Stefano Mariani

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